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Dr. McLeod is one of the most relatable, realistic professors you’ll ever have. He’s fair and communicative. He assigns projects well in advance and gives reminders and pointers along the way.

Dr. McLeod is an awesome professor. He truly wants to make sure you are prepared for your career. He teaches you things the other professors don’t understand. He is understanding and caring and truly cares about his students. Hes approachable and tries to motivate you to do your best work. His lectures are also fun. Take him. You wont regret it.

He is one of the best professors I have ever taken not just in the School of Business but at FMU. He is truly passionate about Marketing and will go above and beyond to make sure you understand the concepts 24/7. You would be a fool to not take this man whenever you get the chance. He rocks!

There are some professors who are only there to collect a paycheck, work at a University, or plainly suck. Dr. McLeod isn’t one of those professors. GET TO KNOW HIM! Trust me as a graduate he’s a great asset to have! He will teach you and help you build your career.